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Mouth Guards

Sports Guards

Many sports require athletes to use a Mouth Guard to protect their teeth while practicing and playing. Frequently used in contact sports, the mouth guard covers the gums and teeth to provide protection for lips, gums, teeth and arches. A properly fitted mouth guard can reduce the severity of dental injuries. Pre-formed, ready-to-wear mouth guards can be purchased inexpensively at many sporting stores, but they do not always fit well and are made of cheap plastics which may be a health concern.

They can be uncomfortable and interfere with talking and even breathing.Your dentist can make a custom mouth guard by taking an impression of your teeth and then creating a device fitted to your mouth for the highest level of both comfort and protection. A custom fitted mouth guard can be particularly important for athletes who wear braces.

Night Guard & Splints

Night Guard is an appliance that may be fitted to either the upper or the lower teeth. The biting surface of night guard is smooth and fairly flat. Night guards are generally worn by people who Grind or clench teeth while sleeping to prevent further teeth damage and to prevent restorations and crowns from breaking.

Splints are appliances that are worn by people with improper/bad bite. On patients with a poor bite relationship, the jaw joints (TMJs) may have to be displaced from their sockets to make the teeth fit together when the jaw closes. Jaw muscles that have to hold the joints out of position every time the teeth come together, get tired and may become painful. A splint is just a way of correcting the bad bite in a reversible manner, by covering up the deflective inclines on the teeth with a plastic material. The purpose is to create a new temporary bite surface that is in harmony with the jaw joints. Once the correct bite is achieved a permanent fix might be necessary.


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