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Dr. Jonathan Martinez

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Dr. Jonathan Martinez

Dr. Jonathan Martinez graduated as a dentist in 2009 from Javeriana University in Bogota, Colombia. He furthered his education in 2010, completing a diploma in Aesthetic Concepts in Modern Oral Rehabilitation, and went on to specialize in Oral Surgery and Pathology in 2014.

Dr. Martinez qualified his degree in Canada and is licensed as a general dentist in the province of Ontario.

He enjoys all areas of dentistry, though he focuses on continuing his education and training in the areas of wisdom teeth extractions and the newest techniques of bone graft and implant placement.

Dr. Martinez strives to learn more as Dentistry is constantly evolving. His portfolio of educational achievements also includes completing all educational requirements to perform CT scans of the dentoalveolar region and to place Botox within the scope of practice in dentistry.

Dr. Martinez’s passion for dentistry stems from an upbringing in a family of Dentists, which has innately developed into a love for caring for his patients.