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The History of Dentures

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George Washington’s wooden dentures are nothing but a myth and any discussion around them was a continual source of discomfort for the late president. Washington had lost all of his adult teeth, save for one, and relied on crude dentures to help him by. His teeth were ravaged by disease and primitive dental care.

Dentures have been around for almost 3,000 years and historians have traced them back to approximately 700 B.C. when they were invented. They were made of human or animal teeth held together by gold bands. Their crude construction meant that they did not last for very long, but they were easy enough to keep making so they remained popular.

The first porcelain dentures were created in the 1700s by Alexis Dechateau, however, they chipped easily and they were too white to keep anyone fooled. Eventually, in the 1830s, Claudius Ash invented an improved porcelain denture using gold springs and swivels. Later models used Vulcanite as the material, which is a hardened rubber.

These days, dentures are usually made in commercial dental labs or by a denturist using different types of acrylics. These dentures come in every single shape and size, as well as colour, and are widely available.

The process involved when getting fitted for dentures includes getting an initial dental impression of your upper and lower jawbone, known as the maxillary and mandibular ridges, respectively. These impressions are then used to create a stone model, which will represent the upper and lower parts of your mouth. These are then used to create a custom impression to make a more detailed and accurate impression.

Once the final impression is complete, a wax rim is made to show how the teeth will touch each other when chewing or resting. After this process the wax rim will be used as a base to place the teeth in the correct position. Then this arrangement of teeth will be tested in your mouth so that adjustments can be made accordingly. Finally, once everything has been verified, the denture is processed and made into a durable finished product, which is stain resistant and natural-looking. Quite the opposite of how they looked when they were first invented.

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