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Is It Necessary To Have An Emergency Dentist?

Emergency Dentist at Windsor checkup the patient at Roseland Family Dental

Is It Necessary To Have An Emergency Dentist?

During a dental emergency, timing is everything. A few minutes could be the difference between the ability to completely fix a serious dental emergency and having to go through an extensive and expensive procedure.

Examples of Dental Emergencies and When to See an Emergency Dentist:

You need to go to a hospital if you break your jaw, suffer a head injury, or feel there is a life-threatening injury present. However, there are instances where a trip to the hospital may leave you sitting for hours when an emergency dentist would be a great alternative.


Severe toothaches can happen for many reasons, including root exposure, an abscessed tooth, and other infections. You can call your emergency dentist who will likely be able to diagnose and treat the problem so that you can find relief and prevent these pains in future.

Knocked-out teeth

When your teeth get knocked out, the nerves and roots may be damaged, seeing a dentist as fast as you can will hopefully prevent permanent loss and can provide temporary solutions if the tooth cannot be reattached.

Cracked teeth

Cracks in your teeth, if not addressed, can lead to more serious issues like infection or pain. When you see an emergency dentist, they can take steps to mend the crack and prevent complications.


Swelling in the jaw could be an early sign of a dental emergency. Before things get out of hand, call an emergency dentist.

Lost filling

Losing a filling can cause tooth sensitivity or infection if it is not corrected. Lost fillings can easily be replaced by an emergency dentist!

It is essential to visit an emergency dentist or hospital if any of the above situations are experienced.

Some Issues Cannot Wait

Some dental concerns cannot, and should not, wait until your next dental appointment. If a dental emergency is not addressed and you end up waiting too long to see a dentist, you could be left with lifelong issues, tissue damage, or in some cases a whole other emergency on your hands.

Emergency Dentist Near You

Looking for an emergency dentist in Windsor? Look no further than Roseland Family Dental. Our Dental team is trained for dental emergencies and is more than happy to see you or a family member in the unfortunate event of a dental emergency. We can provide short and long-term solutions to every dental emergency and will see you as soon as possible. Call us today to talk about your options.