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Is It Safe To Wear Dentures Overnight?

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When people get dentures for the first time, they often find themselves wondering if they can wear them overnight as taking off your dentures every night often feels like an inconvenient task. Even so, this small step helps you in more ways than you can imagine. Aside from improving your oral hygiene, it also helps to make sure that your dentures remain as clean as possible.

Can Dentures Be Worn All Day and Night? 

Since dentures are not permanently fixed inside your mouth, it’s fairly simple to regularly take them out in order to maintain proper oral hygiene.

If you use your dentures for an extended period of time throughout the day, it is best to remove them at night when going to sleep. Leaving dentures inside your mouth all night long can create a variety of issues. In order to take better care of your oral health, it is important not to wear them when going to bed. Additionally, remember to take them out to brush them and eliminate any build-up during the day.

What Happens if You Wear Your Dentures All Night?

If you leave your dentures in your mouth throughout the night, you might find yourself facing certain issues, whether that be resorption or mild pain and discomfort. To avoid this situation altogether, make sure to take off your dentures before going to sleep at night.


One of the issues that you can experience from not taking off your dentures at night is resorption. Resorption involves the process in which bone density and volume decrease over time. Even though this is inevitable and happens to everyone, letting your dentures stay in your mouth overnight can cause it to occur at a quicker rate.

Pain and Discomfort

Wearing dentures on a constant basis will result in adding pressure to your gums and muscles. When wearing them overnight, this pressure will become multiplied, leading to the development of sore spots, pain and discomfort. For these reasons, you should avoid putting yourself in this situation at all costs.

Poor Oral Hygiene

When you start wearing dentures, your oral hygiene routine will change. Dentures are not natural teeth and need to be taken out and given a proper cleaning. The best way to keep your dentures free of bacteria is to let them soak overnight, meaning you shouldn’t be wearing them during this period! This allows your mouth to relax and allows you to maintain proper hygiene.

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